Think about us.
Because we're the greatest thing since sliced bread. And before that, aggressively torn bread. We craft quality and more importantly, we care about you. Without you, there's no us. And without us, our parents would be devastated.

Jason St. Peter
(Creative Director, with the mustache divorces are made of) overthinks everything. Or does he? I guess he'll never know.

Jason is writing, revising and fine-tuning all of our "official" staff bios as you're reading this. We hope to release them with the new website, which should be launching soon... and if not, he'll just fax them to you.

Jack Fagan
(Designer/Photographer, to the left in the double v-neck) handles the looks & feels for most of our design work. He started in late June, but already knows our client's brands well, and doesn't waste time turning around solid creative.

Jack also has the loudest keyboard in the industry and knows how to abuse it. Emails, Illustrator shortcuts, whatevs, that boy gets clackin'.

Lauren McCarthy
(Account Manager, seen below to the left, squeezing the life out of a soft dog) is usually one chill turkey. She just REALLY loves that dog.

Lauren is cool, calm and collabs with our clients to make sure Jason doesn't lose his mind answering emails. And faxes. And random street wanderers asking if we're Office Alternatives.

(Rainy Day Thinker, seen below, concerned about Lauren's dog) will slobber on your pants like you don't know fashion. She's just trying to help. You can find Rosie sun-bathing by the front door, asking herself the age-old question, "Who's a good girl?" She is.

Send us a message at or swing by our shop at 8946 Quioccasin Road. Every 500th visitor wins a personal escort to Office Alternatives.