Why think?
Because here we pride ourselves on integrity and patriotism. That's why every morning since 2009, we've eaten a balanced breakfast of bald eagle omelets and unfrench toast.

Jason St. Peter (Creative Director) spends his days baking tasty ideas and his nights on a dark dessert highway. Cool whip in his hair. It was a short seven years ago when Jason birthed our thinkshop and he's been proudly watching it grow ever since. Some even call him the "baby whisperer," but most just call the police.

Jason grew up in northern Virginia, sketching graffiti with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik shaking his townhouse walls. A few years later he snatched a BFA from Longwood University and went on to join the Army. Jason spent a couple of years getting shipped around and eventually landed a gig in the Air Force National Guard as a multimedia illustrator. For the past 15 years, Jason has also worked with creative teams on both the corporate and agency side, playing the roles of account manager, art director, writer, and visual merchandiser, but in his heart, he'll always be a designer.

After all, Jason has won every design contest in the history of America. It's not important they were printed from his Powerbook and stapled to trees outside of the VMFA.

Desiree (Dez) Davis (Marketing Director) is a gift from the Land of Enchantment. Born in the majestic white sands of New Mexico, she's lead a lifelong battle to inform geographically challenged individuals that yes, New Mexico is a part of the United States, so no, we do not need a passport to be here… and yes, we speak English. The struggle is real.
After college-hopping her way through New Mexico she landed in Jacksonville at The University of North Florida. There she became a die-hard Jaguars fan, blossoming into the social butterfly she is today. Every Sunday you can find her decked out in her Jags gear with hope in her heart that “This is their game!,” and later at the bar when reality hits with a koozied beer in hand.
Her unhealthy obsession for koozies is what lead her to this craft brewery mecca that we call Richmond and into the office of think. Seriously though, she has at least three koozies on hand AT. ALL. TIMES.

Mary Kim (Design Manager) arrived at think tucked into a basket and sent down the James. She once helped Olympia Dukakis out of a chair and down a flight of stairs. When she's not helping ailing celebrities, Mary suffers from night terrors that can only be cured by selling cookies in front of Target.

Like Jason, Mary grew up in Centreville, VA, but received her prestigious degree from James Madison University. So prestigious in fact, the title of her degree is longer than Mary herself. She celebrated her accomplishment by doing something many of us may never attempt—driving across the country, hitting 28 states, including oodles of national parks and major cities.

Mary often talks about craving raw beef and is resolved to live every day like it's October 3rd.

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