Think about us.
Or don't, but know that we're thinking about you. In a damp, cavernous chamber, illuminated with hundreds of candles. Crafting quality, like it's the next iPhone and Apple has over-promised on its delivery date. Because Americans need more phones. And our clients need more creative.

We're a tight team of passionate designers, developers, writers, illustrators and photographers, chasing every type of project that moves. From building brands with compelling stories to brewing beer and telling dad jokes. We love it all.

Jason St. Peter (Creative Director) overthinks everything. Or does he? I guess he'll never know.

Jason likes making things and appreciates everyone else who makes things too. From indie music to craft beer, homemade is always best. He also enjoys writing. In fact, he's re-writing, revising and constantly refining all of our "official" staff bios as you're reading this. The plan's to include them in the new website, hopefully launching before the internet isn't cool anymore.

By night, Jason stares into the sky asking the same question—how do we know dogs are chasing their tails and not running from their heads?

Jack Fagan (Designer, Photographer) handles the "looks and feels" for most of our design work. He started in June and is already bilingual, speaking each of our clients' unique brand language. He works fast and doesn't waste time turning around solid creative.

Jack also has the loudest, vintage keyboard in the industry and knows how to abuse it. Emails, Adobe shortcuts, whatevs, that boy gets clackin'. He's now threatening to swap out all of the keys for ones without labels ... umm, we guess to make it more obsolete?

Away from the shop, Jack takes pics of event spaces, venues, and cliques of feral cats. Seriously, we're not kidding.

Bridget Guckin (Designer, Illustrator) is a devoted explorer. She travels the world, covering new spaces like they're Illustrator artboards (she uses A LOT of Illustrator artboards). Honestly, Bridget just wants as much adventure as possible. Making her own magic along the way, from painting murals to coding websites.

Bridget knows that hard work pays off. She jumps right into each new design challenge and doesn't stop until our clients are clapping. And sometimes crying.

Off the job, Bridget works other jobs. There's so many jobs and it's her job to get the jobs done. She also likes good music, so the think dayclub is usually bumping a Bridget playlist.

Christine Winder (Project Manager, Marketing Boss) always had her parent's support growing up, as long as she one day became Miss Virginia. No pressure. They still check in a few times per week.

Christine harnessed that competitive fire and joined the think team this Fall. She makes checklists, sticks post-its, and demands our best effort using a megaphone. Because managing these projects has always been her dream and she's damn good at it.

When she's not keeping the trains running on time, Christine's at home clawing furniture with her cats.

Rosie (Rainy Day Thinker) will slobber on your pants like you don't know fashion. She's just trying to help. You can find Rosie sunbathing by the front door, asking herself the age-old question, "Who's a good girl?". She is.

Send us a message at or you can swing by our shop at 8946 Quioccasin Road. Every 500th visitor wins a steamboat brunch on the Pamunkey River.