Molly Covert
by Molly Covert on 07-07-2015
Watkins Nurseries

Watkins Nurseries

It has been a very exciting few weeks ‘round these parts. All of us have been moving and shaking and working on some really neat projects. One project in particular has really given us a tingle in our bottom. Watkins Nurseries has chosen us to rebrand them and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Literally we couldn’t. We are so filled with thrills over this project!

Watkins is a bit of a local institution. They are about to celebrate 140 years in business which is in part why they are undertaking a rebranding. The project is set to include a new logo, website, business cards, banners, tee shirts not to mention a special logo celebrating their 140 years in business. At Think804, every body has a reason to celebrate! They are celebrating, we are celebrating, champagne for everyone! We started working straight away on logo concepts! 

You might say we were a little excited by this project. We couldn't get enough!

One simple request was that we lay off the purple. The existing logo uses purple and was found to evoke the feeling of a vineyard or winery. Some sort of green would probably be a good idea since they are merchants of greenery. Maybe a tree or some sort of foliage would be a good idea also. We gave them six solid options we were proud of and served them up to our client like a lil delicious design cake.

This project is on going and we are in the final revision stages of the logo right now. Can you guess which one they chose? Now that we are wrapping up the branding aspect we will focus on the remaining collateral. Stay tuned for more updates!