Mary Kim
by Mary Kim on 07-07-2015
Richmond Alarm Company Website(s)

Richmond Alarm Company Website(s)

Oh hai there! Coming at you with a nice little widdle dee doo on a recent project of ours.

We collaborate with Impression Marketing quite a lot, so creating another fun and unique website for them was no different, or so we thought... This particular site was for Richmond Alarm Company. I’ve seen their logo around quite a bit, so it was exciting to have the opportunity to design a new site for them. Upon first glance of the project it seemed like most other websites we work on. But as we started to delve into the process, we realized this was a much bigger fish than we’d originally thought. Well… challenge accepted!

Typically when starting a new site, we develop a few homepage layout concepts (obvi), but here was the tricky part about this project–Richmond Alarm’s goal for their new site was to consolidate all of their branches into one landing page. We had to find an efficient solution that allowed for one primary site to live as a standalone homepage, but also feature the other branches’ individual sites within the same site-map. So in a nutshell, it’s a single parent homepage with a handful of other locations as separate entities. When one of the links is clicked, you’d then be directed to a location-specific homepage for each branch… make sense? This is reminiscent of a Mean Girls quote, “So, you have your cousin, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins…” The main homepage is the cousin and then all preceding branch homepages are the first, second, and third, and so on and so on.

Moving on… Since the shield is very iconic of Richmond Alarm Company, we wanted it to be the focus of our site header. We came up with a simplified rendition of their current shield graphic and placed it within the main navigation as a focal point. And since they wanted to emphasize the other locations, we also created a secondary navigation system to consolidate different ways for users to explore the main, and each individual website.

Take a look at that beaut! A clean and modern solution to a fairly complex mix of cousins. We’ve incorporated the other locations to complement the main, parent website.

To also retain some elements of the existing brand, we made sure to incorporate Richmond Alarms’ previous logo(s) as a behavioral item. When you hover over a location, it illuminates to show a more detailed description of each branch.

Another obstacle we had to overcome was that once a user clicks on a specific location, that location homepage also requires its own, unique menu items. And to keep the site looking clean without a million buttons and callouts, we incorporated a super-delicious ‘hamburger menu’ that drops down as needed.

Creating the rest of the site was fairly straightforward as all of the subsequent page layouts followed the same style, look and feel. Check out the homepage and a couple of its cousins.