Mary Kim
by Mary Kim on 11-19-2015
CCH Collection

CCH Collection

We had the pleasure of working with 28Media again for their client CCH Collection. To refresh your memory, 28Media is a web design and development agency and they do some killer work. This time around we got to do an e-commerce site for them. Now, we’re not high fashion models or anything, but we love clothes, so we were excited to help out with this website!

So, we set out to design a website that reflected something fresh and clean (so fresh and so clean, clean – Outkast anyone?) like the pieces they design. We wanted to make sure the website was representative to their style; bold, functional, and confident. The images that would be used needed to represent that as well.

The photography provided for us was clean and sleek with a lot of movement. Clothing shouldn’t be constricting, but rather, it should make you feel good and be functional at the same time.

A goal for CCH Collection was to have the photos speak for themselves with minimal distractions or fluff. Product pages can get a little messy with too much distracting writing, so it was important to keep it simple. Important items to have were the product name, price, color, size, description, multiple product views, other items of clothing the customer may like, and to ‘shop the look’. With so much information to incorporate, the page can easily get chaotic. Like the savvy design people we are, we found a way to organize the page that focuses on the product and but still have room for other products a customer may be interested in. Check it out!

The CCH Collection is in the process of being developed; stay tuned for when it goes live!