Dez Davis
by Dez Davis on 03-25-2016
Think Rebranding

Think Rebranding

We are proud to announce that as part of a new rebranding strategy, Think804 has been refined to 'think'. We will continue to provide the same excellent creative production we always have, but now offer marketing, media and digital services as well.

The New Logo


The Positioning


The Brand Elements


The Process and Social Media Push
Our campaign is being featured on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn. In addition to our online brand launch, we're hosting ‘Think Day’ to include an agency tour followed by a happy hour at The Answer Brew Pub and several other promotions as well.


Think Day
Swing by our creative factory on Friday, April 8th any time between 12-5pm to see our space and meet our team! We will be heading to The Answer Brewpub around 5:30pm for happy hour if you'd like to join us.


Sample Ad and Apparel


Think Books


Think Better Branding and Marketing