Dez Davis
by Dez Davis on 09-08-2016
September Happy Hour In Our New Home

September Happy Hour In Our New Home

Not sure if y’all heard yet, but we moved! After a couple months of sweat, a lot of dust, paint, and a big storm, we have a new playground.

It all started one rainy afternoon in June, because let's be honest, all June was this year was one giant rainstorm… anywho, that afternoon we decided it was high time we got our very own happy hour joint / inspiration emporium / little shop of shenanigans and, oh yeah, a cool workspace...

So we called a guy who said he had a cousin—because you should always have “a guy with a cousin”—and bing-bang-boom, enter Katherine Watson, the coolest landlord of a cousin we know. The only catch was our new digs at Quioccasin Station still needed a little tender love and care [enter our new day jobs: Divine Designers]. 

We ripped, tore, drank, smashed, danced and painted until we finally had a new space with a hot new look, a few less walls and much prettier floors. A place where we could watch music videos, practice our riverdancing and host the best happy hours this side of the James. Don’t worry, we hooked up a few iMacs to get work done too.

As with all adventures in life, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies (I don’t care what Lisa Frank says, she was clearly on drugs). So here are a few things we learned along our path to building an awesome venue:

1. Painting in the dark without air-conditioning was the hardest five minutes of my life. It took a whole afternoon of sitting on a patio sipping beer to recover. Whew.

2. When a storm throws a tree on your house, don’t get angry, get a chainsaw. Turn that tree into the best faux fireplace that any office has ever seen!

3. After you pull up the first layer of old tile only to find a layer of carpet, only to find another layer of wood flooring under that, just keep going. Eventually you will break free from the flooring inception and hit cement.

Not only do we have the happy hour space of our dreams, we have some pretty awesome neighbors too! To one side there’s Office Alternatives, who invite us to some pretty fabulous wine and cheese parties, and on the other, there’s a perfect spot for Jason to get his mani/pedi’s. Not to mention some fine I-talian cuisine two doors down (pizza).

After all of that it would be rude not to invite you all to come enjoy our new home with us! (You’re welcome, RVA.)

Stop by for our first official Happy Hour on September 16th around 4ish. We’re in Quioccasin Station (8946 Quioccasin Rd) to the left of Office Alternatives. B-Y-O-Belly laughs.

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