Dez Davis
by Dez Davis on 10-20-2016
Dawn's New Website

Dawn's New Website

Think is thrilled to announce the launch of Dawn Roy Real Estate's new website. This is the next phase of a cohesive brand rollout including creative and marketing strategy, as well as an overall online presence. Dawn Roy is a Realtor by trade, but her business approach extends much further into our community. She stays heavily involved with other Richmonders and actively supports local businesses.

Where did it all begin? We were introduced to Dawn at a BNI meeting in Spring of 2016 and we’ve had the opportunity to really get to know her. Dawn made an impression on us right away with her bubbly persona and she continues to "wow" everyone around her. Dawn is not your typical Real Estate Agent trying to make a sale—she genuinely cares about our community and the people around her. Most of all, she's very open to new ideas and able to think beyond how most other realtors operate.

As a team, we locked down her core audience and experimented with new ways to reach them. A main part of that demographic happened to be exactly the type of people performing these marketing objectives for her, us. Young professionals with a quickly evolving lifestyle. Every step of the way she put her full trust in our creative and strategic perspective and we're thrilled about the work we’re doing for her. It’s our mission to have the rest of our community see Dawn in the same way we have come to know her, as a true friend.

Dawn Roy is a great partner for us because she’s passionate about her work, she genuinely cares for her clients, and she's single-handedly able to control the direction of her brand. Not only that, she's very active in the community and constantly building new relationships. Dawn loves Richmond and she is driven to share it with her family, friends, and colleagues.

We are so proud to be a part of the Dawn Roy Real Estate rebrand. It's been an adventure and we're just getting started.