7:00 – I wake up and check my email to make sure I haven’t received any urgent messages that need my attention before I’m in the office. Whew! In the clear.

9:03 – Arrive at work. I walk down the steps into the office with my purse bursting full of snacks for the day, say good morning to anyone who’s already there (including Rosie), and begin preparing for the day.

9:05 – Coffee.

9:15 – I begin the day by responding to emails and filing away those that have been taken care of. I learned a great tip from Jason when I started working at Think: treat your inbox like a to-do list. Any messages that I leave sitting in my inbox are part of my to-do list. These include messages I still need to respond to, messages regarding projects still in progress, or anything I want to keep top of mind and revisit when I have more time.

You may be wondering what I do with the emails I don’t allow to sit in my inbox. Another Jason-ism I learned on my first day is mailbox organization. You know that tab along the right-hand side you probably ignore? It’s actually pretty handy. I have folders for reach of our clients and within those folders there are sub-folders for every project, divided by year of course because #organization. Once I’ve passed along a first draft or received an email from a client saying “Thanks! I love it!”, I move that email from my inbox to its designated folder so that it’s no longer on my to-do list. Seem overkill? Probably. Is it helpful when a client asks about an email they sent in 2017? Absolutely.

10:00 – If it’s a Monday morning, I’m leading our weekly Think Team Meeting, where I walk through all our current project requests and divide them up among the team. I implemented our “project board” system as a way to visually track our workload. This may sound high-tech, but it’s actually just sticky notes with project names written on them and stuck to a mirror underneath each of our names. As simplistic as this method may be, it’s effective because it ensures everyone can see which projects are their responsibility. We also use the project board to divide projects into In Progress, Due Today, and Pending sections, which helps us prioritize projects by urgency. And because I’m human and sometimes run out of sticky notes or forget to add one to the board, I also have a shared Google spreadsheet version of this information.

If it’s not a Monday morning at 10 am, I’m probably leading a conversation about the outrageous, annoying thing my upstairs neighbor did last night.

Think Team working in office.
I joined the Think team in October of 2017. It’s been so fun to see our office and clients grow over the last few years, and I’m excited where our tenth year in business takes us.
Photograph by Alan Yuan of our Quioccasin Station office in 2019.

12:00 – Bridget and I agonize over the decision to eat the lunch we brought or go grab something. Whole Foods hot bar? Chick Fil A? Stella’s? Which Stella’s? Wanna go? Sure, hold on. Wait, actually I’ll just eat what’s here. Are you sure? No. Ok, wanna go? Sure, hold on.

2:00 – Two hours later and we’ve either eaten something random out of the office freezer or we’re full from takeout and angry we spent money.

2:30 – It’s time for a second cup of coffee.

3:00 – I spend the late afternoon catching up on administrative tasks, checking in with clients, and managing social media.

We use Harvest for our project and business management needs. I enter the business expenses for the receipts that have been piling up on my desk, check on outstanding invoices or write invoices for recently completed work, and look through our full list of projects to gauge those I should follow up on. After looking through the projects in Harvest, I’ll also consult my email inbox to-do list, my Google spreadsheet, and the project board to create a list of projects I need to check in on.

In addition to project management, I also manage our social media. Every week I curate our posts for the week, and every day I deploy them across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

5:15 – I begin the process of winding down for the day by sending off any projects due, reviewing my to-do list one last time, and talking with Jason about any needs or goals for the next day.

5:34 – I’m finally finished for the day and make my way home to my cats.

6:15 – I sit down on my couch to eat pasta in my PJs and open the email app on my phone. It buzzes with a little red 1 to let me know there’s a new project request.