Now that we’re spending our time mostly in doors lately, I’ve been reminiscing of the good old
days when I could interact with my co-workers face to face rather than via glitchy Zoom calls.
What I’ve missed most, though, are the champagne celebrations we’d have when signing a new
client, finishing up a huge project after many months, or that time Think turned 10 years old.

Back in November on a chilly and drizzly Thursday night, we bustled around the second floor of
the VCU Institute for Contemporary Arts perfecting every last detail before our guests arrived.
Jason found the right placement for music videos to be projected onto the wall, Kegham and
Wing (our friends and owners of On Three Photography) tested out lighting, and I politely
micromanaged the caterers and bartenders.

Then as guests trickled in and the music switched from soft cocktail hour tunes to our more
upbeat party playlist, it was time to celebrate.

We celebrated the day Jason pushed submit for an LLC application for his freelance business.
We celebrated the first employee he ever hired, the first office lease he ever signed, the next 11
employees and 2 office locations, and the clients, family, and friends we’d be nothing without.
We celebrated Richmond Ad Club cannonball wins, the beautiful work our designers have
created, and all the projects that have led us to where we are.

It will forever be one of my favorite memories of working at Think, and I’m so grateful to be a
small part of the first ten years and excited to see what the next ten hold.