March will mark a year of the pandemic shut down here in Richmond, and one year since we’ve worked together as a team in our office. It also marks one year since we collaborated with our friends at Worth Higgins & Associates on our Thinking of You campaign.

Scott Hudson, the Director of Corporate Communications for WHA, had the idea to create greeting cards for our community to help people stay connected during social distancing, and he tasked us with the design of four different cards.

Since we’re unable to see each other’s’ smiles through face masks, Katrina shared a balloon smile in her illustration to remind our neighbors that we’re sending them positive thoughts. Jason, being the wine and pun lover that he is, created the “we’ll pull through this” graphic. Bridget drew inspiration from her love of travel to create her “greetings from my couch” design that reminds recipients (and Netflix) that yes, we are still here. And I stayed true to my longstanding relationship with leggings by letting my friends know that even I would put on real pants if it meant getting to see them again. We also created our own packaging hang tag that depicted different scenes from our time spent at home.

Worth Higgins & Associates kindly printed and packaged these complimentary card packs following CDC health guidelines, and together we distributed them to our friends, family, neighbors, and local businesses.

If you’re interested in a pack of greeting cards, please reach out to us on our website to set up a time to pick them up at our office. We’d love to share them with you!

Thanks to our friend Nick Davis who provided all photography!