Harris Williams, a global investment firm, is continuing its rapid growth and asked us for help. Needless to say, this bank had a vault-full of design and brand positioning work queued up.


a growing community

As their team grew, so did ours. Within a few years we were fielding hundreds of projects coming from their various departments. This allowed us to bring cohesion throughout their internal brand as well as outward marketing campaigns.

icons showing analytics and charts

changing the face

In the summer of 2018, Harris Williams decided it was time for a new look. They reached out to several brand experts in the community and asked us to tag along for the ride. Within a few months we’d redesigned their iconic ‘H/W’ logomark, built a full set of brand guidelines, and were putting in hundreds of hours of work for them.

Harris Williams logo
logo, colors and fonts used for Harris Williams branding
brochure with a photo of a man and a woman that says your vision our insight

no turning back

We’ve given the brand a look for today, but haven’t forgotten their roots. It’s important for us to maintain the brand integrity of Harris Williams as we continue to tell their story.